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 Anti-caste system is anti-Hindu.

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Anti-caste system is anti-Hindu. Empty
PostSubject: Anti-caste system is anti-Hindu.   Anti-caste system is anti-Hindu. Icon_minitimeSun Aug 24, 2014 3:46 am

I've been intending to write this for quite some time now,but this article by Poulasta Chakraborthy - Basava: A true visionary ,posted on Indiafacts has finally persuaded to pen it.

The article is a eulogy on Basava,as is evident from its very title.I will begin this post by addressing the author of that article initially,but I intend to correct a lot of things misguided Hindus believe in,as it goes further.

Is Basava a "True Visionary"?

If he was born today,he'd be called a 'communist',a troublemaker by a good majority of the writers of the very esteemed website the article was posted in.Its no wonder,even the author is obliged to compare him to well known leftist 'radicals' like Lenin and Rosa Luxemburg at one point.Yes,the society that he was born into wasn't perfect.But was his?Was it even an improvement on the one he often bemoaned about?

Indeed,the author goes on to say it himself:

Quote :
More importantly since Basava preceded the communist movement by eight centuries wouldn’t that make communism an offshoot of the Lingayat movement?

It seems the author is yet to really live in a society where Lingayaths live in numbers.You have to live with these "ಧಾರಕ್ಕೆ ಭಾರ" people to find out the harm they have inflicted upon themselves by shunning many ancient practices,most notably that of cremating the body,instead preferring to bury it.Also,is the simplicity of Basava's writings,something laudatory?There's a reason Sanskrit is much more complex than Kannada.A weakness is made into a virtue,by this writer.

Quote :
Madhuvarasa, a Brahmin and Haralayya, a cobbler, had joined Anubhava Mantapa and considered each other equals. Also Madhuvarasa’s daughter was in love with Haralayya’s son. As a result, with the approval of Basava and all the others of Anubhava Mantapa, Madhuvarasa and Haralayya made plans for their marriage.

Not surprisingly,the author has refused to pass a comment on the above,and has instead merely narrated the story,as we know it.I have to ask,why,oh why do we all,individually and collectively go through the trauma of criticizing this phenomenon known as 'Love Jihad'?After all,the participants in this disgusting farce of a 'love marriage' consider each other equals,and are ostensibly in 'love',right?

Isn't it because humans who aren't blind to age old,yet ever-failing argument of 'everyone is equal' know that what goes on in the name of 'love marriage' is infact,genocide,when expanded to a larger level?What category would this child of a Priest and a cobbler fall under?Ambrose Bierce has something to say on this subject:

Quote :
"MULATTO, n. A child of two races, ashamed of both."

The author feel his denouncement of the caste system was a good thing?What have the Lingayaths achieved,to date?Has this race of 'equal,free men' come across any glory?

And many agree with Basava that the caste system,which is the vanguard of Hinduism - a religion whose glory any race of 'equal' men who ever existed can only dream of having,was bad...nay evil?

I'll put this analogy forward to you:

Quote :
On a ship we have a crew list. Everybody cannot be Captains. There are various grades including navigators, engineers, crew, cooks etc—every body has a role so that the ship runs smoothly in a optimum manner.The wages are not the same. The cabin comforts are not the same. This does NOT mean that Captain can spit on the faces of his engineers, or he can exploit his officers wives — just because he is superior in the pecking order.

So,in the above analogy assuming everyone is allotted their positions on the basis of merit,wouldn't it be safe to assume that the progeny of the Captain would,quite simple be 'better' than those of some nondescript foremen?

Hasn't the author taken cognizance of the fact that he is indeed allying with the worst of the anti-Hindus by glorifying Basava,and thereby reinforcing that Hinduism being inherently racist,overtly violent and replete with superstition was imperfect and that we're better off with its refined offshoots like Buddhism,Jainism and Lingayatism?

Here is an extract from the Brahma Vaivarta Purana:

Anti-caste system is anti-Hindu. JkcWamkXeXarr

Isn't it funny how,the blurring of caste lines is associated with decay and deterioration?What is Bollywood but a cartel organzied to institutionalize 'love marriage'?Why?Because unlike some,they know that the only way to destroy Hinduism is this.To get Hindus to race-mix on a large scale.We can suffer a hundred more of the kind of genocides the Muslims inflicted on us,but this one single operation will cause our fall.

Let me narrate another short story,most people will be familiar with:

Quote :
Karna was keen to acquire the Brahmastra mantra from the great teacher Parshuram.However, he knew that Parshuram gave instructions to Brahmins (the priestly tribe)  only.  So he disguised as a Brahmin and beseeched Parshuram to accept him as a shishya(disciple).  Parshuram accepted him as such and started giving him instructions.One day when Parshuram was resting in Karnas lap, it so happened that a bee stung Karna on the lower portion of his thigh.  It was very painful and he started bleeding.However, fearing that if he moved his legs, he would awaken Parshuram, he did not move at all and continued to suffer.

When Parshuram woke up, he saw Karna bleeding.He asked, Son, tell me truthfully who you are?A Brahmin cannot suffer so much physical pain.Only a Kshattriya (the warrior tribe) can endure so much discomfort.Karna was obliged to disclose his identity.Parshuram was greatly annoyed because he was a sworn enemy of Kshattriyas.He therefore cursed Karna that as he had learnt through deceit, he shall forget the vidya (skill) which Parshuram had taught him at the crucial juncture.

Does not the story reinforce the fact that Kshatriyas are unique?Do I need to say more?

Hasn't the author noticed that by calling Basava,a man who deracinated the caste system,as a visionary,he now find himself in the intellectual company of communists,anti-Hindus including such fine intellectual specimens and noted anti-Hindus like Ambedkar,Periyar,Karunanidhi and his ilk?

The author remarks that the conditions of the Holeyas was pitiable.And how were the Brahmins responsible for it?By not uplifting them?By not 'mixing' with them?Wasn't it the duty of the Holeyas to improve their own living conditions?But of course,they were oppressed!

How?By not being allowed to visit the Temples built and maintained by Brahmins?By not being able to dine with them?By not being able to share the same watering hole?

Is that it?Does that amount to oppression?No Holocaust?No Genocide?No special taxes?No exploitation of their women?No selling them as slaves?No random acts of slaughter?Just mere segregation!

But of course some radicals,'segregation' itself is oppression.Liberals have since centuries fighting 'Rights of Free Association' in favour of 'Civil Rights'.If some Hindus want free association,they're very well entitled to it.Dressing it up as 'untouchability' is just mischief on the part of Marxists.And most Hindus have bought into it.The fact that the biggest anti-Caste agitators are criminals,documented anti-Hindus like Gandhi,Nehru and Ambedkar doesn't disturb the sleep of many 'Nationalists'.

Now,it is rather clear that many people just like the idea of 'Hinduism'.The true thing,however scares them and makes them uncomfortable.Hinduism without The Caste system,without its Matriarchal lineage,its 'oppression' of women etc. is like butter without the fats and cholestrol.The adherents of this faux form of Hindusim are to Hinduism,what Neocons are to White Nationalists.

Anti-caste is anti-Hindu.Anyone who says otherwise either a fool or upto no good.
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Anti-caste system is anti-Hindu.
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