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 Bharat needs this.

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Bharat needs this. Empty
PostSubject: Bharat needs this.   Bharat needs this. Icon_minitimeMon Apr 07, 2014 1:59 am

Russian lawmakers approve harsh rules for election monitors, NGOs

Quote :
Russia’s parliament adopted a law Friday imposing stringent new requirements on election monitors, human rights groups and other politically active organizations that receive foreign money.

The law, which was passed 374 to 3 by the Duma, or lower house, on the last day before a parliamentary recess, requires the groups to register as foreign agents(yes,call a spade a spade) and submit to exhaustive audits. The upper house is expected to approve it.

Action against nongovernmental organizations has been widely seen as inevitable since November, when Vladimir Putin, then prime minister, gave a nationally televised address describing such activists as traitors and excoriating the United States — which provides extensive support to democracy-building groups here — without quite naming it.

“They would do better to use that money to redeem their national debt and stop pursuing their costly and ineffective foreign policy,” Putin said, referring to the United States.

Russian activists and liberal leaders have argued strenuously against the law(Liberals worldwide,biting the hand which feeds them), to no avail. So have U.N. officials and the United States.

The bill also requires NGOs to label any materials or literature they distribute as the work of a foreign agent, a phrase tantamount to “spy” to the Russian ear.

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Bharat needs this.
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